about a personal trainer

A personal trainer is a professional who handles fitness training and instruction for people. They are experts in fitness either because they have studied about health and fitness or they have been in involved in the fitness industry for many years already. Experience is the best teacher, so they say.

The role of a personal trainer covers [more] a wide range of fitness related tasks which include the following:

  • Helping clients in setting fitness goals. Without a goal, it is difficult for a person to be motivated to lose weight or to get fit.
  • Encourage clients to pursue exercise and other fitness program to achieve the goal.
  • Measure the result of any fitness program.
  • Make an assessment about the client’s needs and weakness. This allows the personal trainer to come up with a fitness program that will best suit the client.
  • Assist clients in doing the exercise routines.
  • Educate clients about fitness in general. A personal trainer may also assist clients in other needs like creating nutrition plan.
  • Ensure that the fitness program and routines are safe for the client.

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